Sync and keep your custom audiences updated in autopilot mode

Boost your conversions and sales with CRM retargeting.

Forget about exporting CSV files from your CRM and manually uploading subscribers / contacts data for the matching process.

Increase your sales showing your target audience the right ad with the right timing.

Sync and keep your custom audiences updated in autopilot mode with Ads Workbench

Ads Workbench can bridge your subscribers' / contacts' data with:

  • Facebook Custom Audiences sync with Ads Workbench

    Facebook Custom Audiences

  • Google Ads Customer Match sync with Ads Workbench

    Google Ads Customer Match

  • Twitter Tailored Audiences sync with Ads Workbench

    Twitter Tailored Audiences (coming soon)

  • LinkedIn Matched Audiences sync with Ads Workbench

    LinkedIn Matched Audiences (coming soon)

Multiple advertiser networks

Keep fresh your custom audiences in multiple advertiser networks at the same time

Full flexibility at your fingertips

  • Include or exclude your contacts as needed.
  • Combine multiple lists and / or cloud files in the same custom audience.
  • Sync all emails addresses and phone numbers from each of your contact records to maximize the reach.
  • Monitor / audit each execution of your audience flows.
  • Get email notifications in case there is an issue with the execution of any of your audience flows.

Integrated with the main CRMs and email marketing software

Ads Workbench works with CRMs, email marketing software, webinar software, miscellaneous tools and any system capable of making outbound http requests.

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