Automatically synchronize your lead ads with your CRM and email marketing software in real time

Reach your subscribers with the right timing, without any complex manual work and get rid of CSV files.

Ads Workbench works with leads coming from:

  • Facebook lead generation ads

  • Any system capable of making outbound http requests

  • LinkedIn lead gen forms (available very soon)

Leads sync

Features for leads syncing

Facebook lead ads sync - Notifications
Notifications through the channel of your choice

You can receive a notification in real time when a new lead is collected and take an action as soon as possible.

Leads can be emailed to you or any other email address, including all the collected fields. Emails are sent almost instantly.

Lead notifications can also be sent to the Slack channel of your choice. Any captured field can be added to the notifications.

Flexible fields mapping

Every piece of information collected with the lead can be synced with the advanced fields mapping utility.

You can also map in the destination CRM or email marketing software internal tracking information such as the campaign name or code.

Additionally you can assign fixed values, timestamps or the current date to the destination fields.

Facebook lead ads sync - Flexible fields mapping
Facebook lead ads sync - Advanced segmentation
Advanced segmentation

You can evaluate the values of the collected fields, building conditions, so you can create different treatments for different types or categories of leads.

For instance, if you collect the size of the company, you can define treatments for small, medium and large companies, so you can send out different welcome emails with different content for each type of company, or you could insert the lead in the appropriate list.

Welcome emails

You can automatically send fully customized and branded welcome emails to new leads.

Welcome emails can include PDF attachments.

The "from" email address can be personalized with an account in your domain.

Facebook lead ads sync - Welcome emails
Facebook lead ads sync - Execution tracking
Execution tracking

Ads Workbench tracks the execution of the lead flows so you can see the status of each processed lead.

You can manually re-process any Facebook lead.

Email notifications can be sent in case a lead can't successfully be processed, so you can act immediately.

Integrated with the main CRMs and email marketing software

Ads Workbench works with CRMs, email marketing software, webinar software, miscellaneous tools and any system capable of making outbound http requests.

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