Facebook lead ads sync

The main issue with lead ads is that when you want to use the captured leads you have to download a CSV file from Facebook and manually import it in the target system.

With Ads Workbench you can automate your Facebook lead ad campaigns by syncing your leads with the most popular CRMs and email marketing service providers.

Ads Workbench will make sure you get instant notifications of new leads using the channel/s of your choice.

Facebook lead ads sync made easy

Facebook lead ads sync - Notifications

Receive a notification in real time when a new lead is collected so you can take an action in a timely manner.

Facebook lead ads sync - Fields mapping

All the fields collected with the lead can be synced with our advanced fields mapping utility.

Facebook lead ads sync - Segment your leads

You can segment you leads based on the values of the collected fields.

Facebook lead ads sync - Welcome emails

You can automatically send fully customized and branded welcome emails to your new leads, including PDF attachments.